What you get

HelloVoice is your 24/7 Electronic Secretary to manage all your communication needs! Your HelloVoice Number 300X-XXXX is the KEY ...

Voice Mail
-Receive Voice Message
  • You can forward your mobile, home or work phone to your HelloVoice number. HelloVoice will take voice messages for you and send instant notification to your mobile phone (ring once).
-Reply/Send/Forward Voice Message
  • By using mobile phone, you can reply/send/forward voice messages to other HelloVoice subscribers.
-Global Access

When you are out of town, you can call into the HelloVoice Asia Co. Ltd 's system in another country and be able to retrieve messages from your H.K HelloVoice mailbox.

-Receive Fax
  • Use your HelloVoice number as your private fax line to receive fax.
-Use Browser to access your web site
  • You can use browser to view your fax if you are one of our HelloVoice subscribers.
-Get notified alert on your mobile
  • HelloVoice will send a one-ring tone to your mobile phone, reminding you to retrieve fax messages on web in your free time.
-Forward Fax to email
  • You can forward your fax document to an external email account. Those email will be sent out as email attachment.
-Receive Email
  • When you have new email, HelloVoice will notify you by your mobile phone, you can then listen to your email over the phone with our Text-to-Speech technology. (only for pure english or chinese text format)
-Reply/Send/Forward Email
  • You can also reply to other email address on web or by phone. Those email will be sent out as email attachment.
-Email Client Access

You can set up your email client program (e.g. Microsoft Outlook) to retrieve email messages from your HelloVoice mailbox.

-POP Email
  • You can choose to have your HelloVoice mailbox automatically retrieve (POP) email from your other email accounts. Retrieving emails through HelloVoice provides you the option to listen to your email content by phone. (for pure text format only)

How to Use

Remember our HelloVoice number:
- Customer Support Hotline : 3005 8888
(apply of HelloVoice services)
  - Enquiry Hotline : 3005 8888 press "8"
(enquiry & technical support)
  - Mailbox Access Number : 3005 8888
-> select language
-> press "#"
-> Input your hellovoice number and pasword
(login your HelloVoice mailbox)
  To retrieve your message on the web:
- Go to www.hellovoice.com
  - Enter your Hellovoice number
  - Enter your password
  - Click Login button
  To retrieve your message by phone:
- dial to 3005 8888
  - Select language: e.g. "3" for Cantonese
  - Enter your HelloVoice number, then press #
  - Enter your password, then press #
  - After login, you will be hear how many message you have received.
  How to login your voice mailbox to retrieve voice message by phone?
- dial to your HelloVoice number
  - Press "#" in the greeting
  - Enter your password, then press #
  - After login, you will be hear how many voice message you have received.
How to change your password:
By phone,
Use phone to call 3005 8888
Press "3" Change Mailbox Option
Press "1" Change Mailbox Profile
Press "2" Change Password
From the web, Use HelloVoice number and password to login your mailbox
Click User Profile
Enter Old Password
Enter New Password
Retype New Password
Save new password setting


Retrieve fax by web: Use your HelloVoice number to login to your mailbox, click "fax logo" and view a fax on your browser by using windows program - Imaging.

Private fax line: Print your HelloVoice number as the fax number on your business card. No more sharing, paper jam or busy signal. Every fax you receive is totally private and confidential.

Saving message: Want to keep your message permanently? Just remember to save after listening or reading your messages.

Notification schedule: You can set your alert schedule 24 hours a day but I guess you won't :>. Go to mailbox option and modify the notification schedule to meet your personal needs.

(Press 3 -> 4 to change outcall options by phone after login OR click "User profile" on left hand side -> "Telephone Outcall" on web)

Quick reference guide: Too many prompts to remember? Just print the quick reference guide out from the web and bring it along with you.